Stuck in Traffic

I’m in Mexico City for a few months, doing research and revising my thesis. A lesson I learned from being here in the past: It’s best not to fight the city. In order to have any kind of relationship, the city always has the upper hand. Case in point: traffic. To summarize, it’s best not to take the metro during rush hour, in the morning, before 10 am in most directions, and in the afternoon, when high school ends (around 2 pm) and when people are leaving work (between 6 and 9, I think). Running or any outdoor exercise should either end before 7 in the morning or start at 9 at night. Later on the big park near my house is closed and running when it’s still dark out in a park doesn’t make me feel very comfortable either. I guess I could join a gym?
Today, I went to the UAM to have a form signed by my supervisor here in Mexico, and I was to be there at 11, so I left at 10. I was good to go until I got out of the subway. I was totally confused about which bus to take, because the stop I got out at is undergoing construction. Nothing is where it once was. I also had no change for the bus. Fortunately, the bus driver let me on for free. Unfortunately, it was not the direct bus. I figured I could walk more quickly than the bus, so on the way back that’s what I did. Turns out that wasn’t the case. Then I went back on the subway, and on to some bookstores and then home for the rest of the day!


One response to “Stuck in Traffic

  1. Re: traffic: yep. That’s pretty much the schedule I found. It’s crazy that it keeps up till 9, but such are things! What park do you live by?!

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