Getting Lost

I get lost on a regular basis. Once, a friend and I were driving from K-W to Toronto on the basis of our undergrad memories (which did not involve driving a car). Somehow, miraculously, we made it onto the highway. In Mexico City, getting lost takes on a whole new layer. It’s annoying when I get lost because without fail I look up where I’m going on a map, and most of the time, write the directions down, and take them with me. I should also mention that I have a working knowledge of the city, and only venture into certain neighbourhoods. The other ones would probably be ok if I knew where I was going, and were with someone from there. It then becomes somewhat alarming because if I get lost, and look lost, then I think someone will rob me, which naturally just makes me more nervous. And, in Mexico, if one asks for directions and the person cannot give them, there is a good chance that they will try anyway. (Not as bad as Nicaragua. Mexico City also has street names in addition to landmarks, so this is helpful). Overall, I have gotten lost roughly on a daily basis, or at least somewhat confused, and it has only led to positive encounters.

1. The day I tried to go to the Juan Rulfo Foundation and ended up (finally, after a small detour) at the Juan Rulfo Cultural Centre. To be clear, even when I arrived at my final destination I was still not where I wanted to be. In spite of these issues, not so bad:Image

2. Going to someone’s house who was going to talk to me about their research on Juan Rulfo (notice a theme?) I ended up at this park (this was planned):


3. I finally arrived at this street and knew I was close by, if somewhat late. Some years ago some governor of Mexico City had the idea to divide the city into Ejes (or main roads), which, for a foreigner who comes from a map-culture, are very handy. It was not possible to get that lost when there were endless signs for the street I was looking for. It was still possible to get anxious.



One response to “Getting Lost

  1. LOL at #1. What-evs.

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