Tulum Top 10

10. seeing Americans boarding a flight to Cuba in Cancún

9. The weird hats men working at resorts have to wear. Are we in a British colony in the past?

8. Visiting a cenote. Totally worth getting over some claustrophobia.

7. A resort that had a fake or possibly real church steeple as its entrance

6. My hosts telling me that Mayans don’t take care of the environment. They just build, build, build all over their land if they have money. Me being like, wow, this is systematic discrimination at work. I felt awkward and didn’t know what to say.

5. Most delicious seafood lunch yesterday. It was almost like being in Nicaragua. It had almost the right stuff. If you go to Tulum, eat every meal possible at El Camello.

4. Eating a really good fat banana – maybe a manzana (I think that is what my Nicaraguan host dad called them). It was like being in Nicaragua. For about 20 cents.

3. Having money in my Mexican bank account and not paying 5 dollars each time I go to the bank. Now I don’t take out alarmingly large amounts of money and fear robbery. I can also take out money in the right amounts to avoid the dreaded 500 peso bill.

2. Watching people who are not used to taking orders from anyone, take orders.

1. The sky going from blue to clouds to grey and the captain saying, we are now entering the Mexico City International Airport. Temperature, 22 degrees and … cloudy. Feeling like I was coming home!


3 responses to “Tulum Top 10

  1. 3. hahaha…. “no change, you say? … riiight… ugh.”
    1. yaaaaay!!

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