Casa de los Amigos

Lest any of you be worried (like my mother) that I focus on myself to such an extent that I have forgotten about others, fear not! Be it guilt, desire to do it all, a selfless heart, following my father’s path (I’ll come back to this) or, more likely, a desire to be part of a project bigger than my thesis that involves contact with other humans, I asked the Casa de los Amigos if they would take me on as a volunteer. They have an extensive volunteer program where a person lives at the Casa in exchange for many hours of work, but since I have too many school commitments to handle the six month to one year time frame, I am doing a few things for them a few hours each week.

I am presently participating in their migration program, assembling some information that they can hopefully use to help the migrants or refugee claimants that stay there find places to live and work if they choose to stay in Mexico City. Today, I went with a few other guests at the casa to help clean out a school a group of nuns are turning into a shelter for migrant & refugee women and children and organize their library a bit. It was nice to leave my room for a bit and do something different and learn more about migration in Mexico but now I am absolutely coated in dust.

Sometimes, living in Mexico City is not that distant from Juan Rulfo’s stories set in the Mexican llano. I leave you with a quote from his story “Talpa.” “Los ojos seguían la polvareda; daban en el polvo como si tropezaran contra algo que no se podía traspasar. Y el cielo siempre gris, como una mancha gris y pesada” (The eyes followed the dust. It was as if in dust they encountered something that could not be crossed. And the sky was always grey, like a grey and heavy mark).


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