Sushi, Part 2

Life is sometimes a slap in the face. I am in the throes of thesising and applying for jobs, I have not spent much time going out with friends. Just when my friends are coming to Mexico City, and I’m making stronger friendships with the people I already know.

Today I went out with two friends to what I understood to be a sushi buffet. It turned out to be a barbecue in front of an Asian restaurant, and the sushi was inside, which I didn’t realize until I was about to pay. Still, I got to buy some Asian goods from inside the supermarket, and now I know where to buy my coconut milk. Hurray! As I was walking home with one of the friends, I said that if I were at home and this had happened, I would have been very upset. But, since it is Mexico, and approximately half of the things work in the way I expect (and the half is only because I’ve been to Mexico before. When I first came here I think it was at about 10-30%), I decided to roll with it and just enjoy the barbecue.

Now, off to buy some more groceries and make some dinner.


3 responses to “Sushi, Part 2

  1. I had the same experience living in Nepal. When so much of life is out of control, it’s much easier to roll with things, ’cause otherwise you’d be stressed out all the time. In Canada we are used to things working out, and are stressed when they don’t (and perhaps hare stressed much more of the time…maybe there is a lesson here!)

    • I think this is a lesson I will need to continually re-learn. Sometimes in Toronto I remember I have this skill. Other times, I do not.

      • It’s hard for me to remember/live into this lesson in Canada, though every now and again I can. Maybe more now than before I lived abroad.

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