This weekend I was planning to make a few recipes – based on my all-important cookbook. And they called for tamarind juice or concentrate. Since this is a pretty common Mexican food, I set about finding it. I went to Superama, but I did not see it. Given that it is owned by Wal-Mart, they do not have any surplus employees to help a person find things, so I had no one to ask.

I then decided to look up tamarind on the internet, and decided to try and find it at my nearby outdoor market or tianguis. On Sunday morning I went there and bought some for the grand total of 8 pesos (80 cents). I decided that this would be a good use of time.

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Not sure I really noticed it in my Asian-inspired salad, but, it was worth it. I still have about 100g of tamarind in case I want to try this again!


One response to “Tamarind(o)

  1. Love the food video! Might have a career future here but just in case not, I suggest you get those R.C. rituals (see oct. 10) down smooth. The church’s clout isn’t what it was but they still have lots of schools which no doubt attract people speaking/learning Spanish and who might well be interested in the subjects you’ve been pursuing.

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