Lagunas de Montebello

What is the difference between getting stuck on the side of the road and getting stuck in traffic? Somehow, on vacation, it is more fun. On Saturday, I went on an ill-advised tour to the Lagunas de Montebello and the Chiflon waterfall. Ill advised because it involved too much driving for the amount of time we spent at either place. The Lagunas also bore a very strong resemblance to Ontario, and reminded me a lot of Fraser Lake Camp, so was especially disappointing.

The problems with the trip really began when the driver started checking the tires as we left our final destination, about 30 min later than expected. I think one was flat, and so he took it to a repair place, in the middle of nowhere, where it seemed that the men did not do a good job. So, he had to stop about 30 min down the road to re-check it. Fortunately, this time we were stopped in front of a bunch of stores and so we bought pastries, pop and tequila.

What will I remember from this day? The zip-line? The waterfall? Or being stranded at the side of the road? If this kind of thing had happened at home in Toronto, or in Mexico City, I would have been so annoyed. One day the subway was going soooo slowly at rush hour that I thought I was going to have to get off at a stop, and get back on several hours later when it had cleared up. If it weren’t so cheesy I could say that life is really about the journey, and not the destination.


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