Alternative Geography

Sometimes I want to live in more than one place (a Mexico City-Toronto would be very convenient for school, food and social life).

Joaquín Torres García

Case in point: today I had a pretty good day. Even though I was exhausted after going to a concert with some friends of a friend (which was amazing), I decided to make the most of the day and go to San Ángel’s weekly art and craft market. I wanted if a man could make me a leather laptop bag. Given that the price had almost doubled since the first time I went to visit him, and I was 100 pesos short of the deposit that would “almost certainly be half of the cost” I decided it would be better to look elsewhere. I am much more comfortable paying more money, in a clear amount, than guesswork. Then I came home and ate cereal for lunch.

The unfortunate part of being in Mexico is, of course, not having all my books and friends with me. Today I decided to read my advisor’s comments on my conclusion, and noticed that she recommended a source to me that I own (Carlos Monsiváis’ Los rituales del caos). But it is in storage in Toronto. And I refuse to buy it again, because that would be ridiculous.

But would it be so ridiculous if these places fit together on a map like they do in my heart?


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