Mexico City Top 10

1. Comida Corrida. How do I not have a picture of my favourite thing in Mexico?

2. Tianguis – open air market. Yesterday a man talked me into buying a coconut milk drink. Totally worth it.

3. Street food, generally

Chocolate con churros (thanks Wikipedia)

4. Concerts (sidebar: should I change my ticket to see Calle 13?)

Kevin Johansen Concert

5. Books



6. Bookstores

7. Museums

View from the Museo de Historia

8. Seeing something strange and thought-provoking every day: in the wake of an apparent police raid, people selling things on the street running everywhere with their stuff. One man continuing to try and sell things as he ran.

9. Unusual religious rituals. On Sunday I saw so many people with statues of San Judas, on their way to get them blessed. He is the patron saint of lost causes and jobs.  Should I join them on November 28th?

10. The 10th thing is not easy. This is not because I do not like Mexico City, or because there are only 9 things to like about it. It is impossible to categorize the chaotic multitudes or organize this city in a meaningful way. And every time I leave my house the city’s inequalities, juxtapositions and smog slap me in the face.


2 responses to “Mexico City Top 10

  1. I’m envious. I love feeling immersed in strange, exotic, foreign places. It’s so exhilarating.

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