One Year Anniversary

I first came to Mexico to do research last November. I have not been here the entire time, but it seems as though my life has changed in many ways in this year of back-and-forth between home, home and home (that would be Toronto, Ottawa and Mexico City).

In the past year, I have seen incredible sights throughout Mexico. I think the best is by far El Chepe. It is probably the most beautiful thing I have seen, after Iguazú Falls in Argentina (I never went to Brazil, so I can’t comment on their scenery).

I have met many, many people in Toronto and in Mexico. Some people turned out not to be worth the personal investment, but most of the time I figure God can take care of them. When I am angry I try and remember why I’m a pacifist.This doesn’t always work.

In happier news, when I first came to Mexico City, I stayed at the Casa de los Amigos. This community that took me in when I was lonely, lost and very scared of Mexico City. Now I am just geographically lost, and I cannot blame them.

I have been a fan of hot lunch since I ate it pretty much every day from doña Xiomara in the Centro Cultural Batahola Norte. Mexico takes this to a more extreme level (ie with more courses) as comida corrida. The fried food somehow makes my life better every time I eat it.

The way I speak has also changed. I notice many errors in my speech in both English and Spanish. I have also acquired a chilango (Mexico City) accent. When I read things aloud I think I still have a Nicaraguan accent, and sometimes I use the voseo even though it confuses people here.

There are still a lot of things I want to do and see in Mexico, but in my final month I will take things al suave, go to a conference and possibly on one last vacation.


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