Coffee Shops in Mexico City: Part 2

As I mentioned in an earlier post (I would like to it, but I don’t know how. I’ll get on that, I have been searching for the perfect coffee shop in Mexico City. This has proven to be an amusing and fulfilling use of my time. This post summarizes my three most recent visits: Café Toscano, Chat Noir and Efecto Cafeína (en todos los sentidos).

Yesterday I went to the Café Toscano in the colonia Roma Norte. Everyone was working on a mac, some tables were fake-distressed to look rustic, and it was featured in If that’s not a recommendation I don’t know what it. It was also vastly superior to other hipster coffee shops because the service was good, the bathrooms were clean and their wifi was flawless. Evidently my urban spiritual homeland, second only in my heart to the desert, is the pretentious coffee shop trying to be “of the people”.

Other contenders were: Chat Noir. Conviently close to my house, this is a cute café with good coffee, decent pan dulce, close to my favourite comedor. The couches, however, reminded me of the youth sunday school class at church in high school. They suck you in and you never want to get up. Not helpful for working. The servers were also texting the entire time I was giving my order. I realize that service work can be dull, especially at slow times of day. But text while you make my coffee, not while I’m paying you! (By that I mean the moment I am handing you the cash).

Efecto Cafeína: this place would also be horrible to work in. It has stools, a long table and two large easy chairs. They were, in fact, too large for me, and since I am taller than the average Mexican person, I’m not sure who they are meant for. They also had no pan dulce. That made me sad.

Overall, the clear winner, as stated above, is Café Toscano. If I wanted to go and hang out in the evening with a book, a friend or a beer, I would go to Café Vincent, and if I were near the Casa de los Amigos and wanted a really Mexican eating experience, I would go to the Café Gran Premio.


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