Epic Imaginary Trip

Planning is much more fun that facing reality, rehearsing my conference presentation, or applying to jobs. Since I don’t really have much other than academics to occupy me here in Mexico, once the day’s work is done, and there’s only so much emotional energy I can expend wishing I were elsewhere, planning comes to the fore.

Planning trips is especially enjoyable. Most of my travels around Mexico have been unplanned, and based on recommendations from friends and acquaintances, and given that I was already in the country, and had a budget that would allow for domestic flights and cheap accommodation, or nice accommodation and the bus, I knew where I could go. When I got here I made a list of all the places I wanted to go on this trip. I haven’t gone to Michoacán as planned, nor will I go see Calle 13 in Monterrey next weekend since I’d rather spend time with friends here in Mexico City, I will leave those trips for the future.

The future also brings up my desire to travel again. And now that I have several trips under my belt, maybe even to somewhere where I don’t speak the language and don’t fully understand what’s going on (to be fair, in Mexico I think I understand about 75% of what is happening. The other 25 % I guess, based on my existing understanding of Mexico. Sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m wrong).

I have probably mentioned my epic imaginary trip elsewhere on this blog, but in order to be able to spend such vast quantities of money (aka my savings, and avoiding spending money whenever possible for the next 4 months) I would need to have a job at the end. I’m just not the kind of person who spends all her money and then looks forward to her parents’ basement. Although I’m sure it wouldn’t be so bad, since they’ve put down laminate flooring and some new furniture in the guest room.

I could visit my friends in Nepal, and then go to India, or other parts of Asia. I have never wanted to go to Asia before, but somehow having a place where I could stay and get my trip going, in a familiar environment, opens up the whole continent to me. And it’s not that far to Australia and New Zealand from there. It would be cool to go there too. So beautiful. Of course there is also the dream of doing an epic road trip through the US, or travel to Newfoundland, or finally visiting Europe. Once I become a doctor, who knows where my restless heart will take me?


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