0. Number of times I have seen Mennonites selling cheese. Pretty disappointed about that.

1. Dissertation draft submitted

2. Coffees now “needed” in the morning.

Closely followed by number of times I have sworn I would never take VivaAerobus again (coincidentally, the number of times I have taken VivaAerobus).

3. Extended weekends (Tulum, San Cristóbal, Oaxaca)

4. Ruins visited: Tlatelolco, Tulum, Teotihuacán, certain areas of Mexico City where the buildings still sit at a slight angle, or, might be sinking

5. murals visited (Diego Rivera mural “museum” (1 mural), Caricatures, Bellas Artes, Palacio Nacional, SEP)

6. museums visited (Anahuacalli, Juárez’s house in Oaxaca, Na Bolom in San Cristóbal, Chapultepec Castle, Anthropology, Estanquillo)

7. times a week I go out to eat

8. churches where I have prayed to “my” saint.

9. times a day I narrowly avoid death at the hand of traffic

10. minutes each day I spend cursing the city.

Infinity: Books purchased.

Beyond: Job applications submitted.


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