Using my Food

This morning I had to throw out two tortillas. I bought them from the tortilla store, rather than the grocery store, so they don’t last as long. Even though I kept them in the fridge. Since I really don’t like throwing away food, I decided that I would make a valiant effort to use up all the rest of my food. Hence a second breakfast (upcoming) of rice flour pancakes with Oaxacan mole. We will see how this tastes.

Upcoming days: facing the results of my neighbours moving and giving me stuff. That’s why I have a kilo of salt, half a bottle of olive oil and soybean oil. I do not plan to eat the oil of salt in a week. I will make a valiant attempt at the rice in fridge (cooked), rice in cupboard (uncooked), lentils, sesame seeds, tea, corn flakes, spices, chile sauce, soy sauce and 2 kinds of oil.


2 responses to “Using my Food

  1. Ha! I’m glad to hear you didn’t use the entire kilo. I should never have bought it. I don’t know what I was thinking!


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