Missing Mexico, Part 1

This post is not actually about missing Mexico, it’s more about the things I look forward to upon my return home. Tomorrow I will write about all the things I will miss.

I am most looking forward to a city without the absolute stupidest mayor I have ever seen. Anyone who has met me can tell you I am not a conservative person. However. I can respect other points of view when they are accompanied by logic, basic math skills, and people who have not been charged for domestic violence, and insulting gay people and Asian people (keep in mind Toronto has a significant population of women, gay people and Asian people. Probably around 60-70% of the population). He was eventually removed from his post for something about money and conflict of interest. Not a moment too soon.

I am also looking forward to taking public transit in peace. Case in point. Yesterday I clocked in at around 4 hours on public transit (hurray?) and on about hour 2.5 I was on the subway, sitting on one of those sideways benches, and the man beside me kept turning his head to stare at me, approximately every 15 seconds. I told him to stop, in English, and then he didn’t, but I think given the language I used, he understood. Then, I decided to get off the train and take a new one. Before I did so, I asked him what was wrong with him, and why couldn’t he stop staring at me. Then he looked straight ahead as if he had done nothing wrong. I wanted to say to him, I am used to people staring at me, I don’t think it’s ok, but you have crossed the line into creeper. You are infringing on my space – perhaps you are surprised that a woman ventures to take up an entire seat, and doesn’t make herself as small and insignificant as possible.

I am looking forward to breathing clean air, although I think my lungs might be a bit shocked by all the freshness, to understanding what is going on in social interactions (Mexican courtesy is sometimes a bit too courteous for me to understand), to being able to eat food without worry, and to less paperwork for basic transactions. Speaking of paperwork, I have to go cancel my bank account…


One response to “Missing Mexico, Part 1

  1. What is it with men in foreign countries?? I understand exactly what you’re talking about. There seems to be a total lack of respect in their wide open, conspicuous stares and gapes, as if they don’t ever stop to consider that you, as a woman, might have a sense of personal privacy. Who even likes to be so blatant in their observations?! Or perhaps that’s just a North American thing, trying to hide whatever you’re wanting to inspect and check out. Ah well, I suppose it’s part of the exoticism of these tropical places.
    As for Toronto minus Rob Ford, hear hear! Part of me was quite relieved to be long gone from Toronto by the time he appeared on the scene. Amazing to think he’s made it this far, and I highly doubt his running in the next byelection is going to be successful. So many people seem to be completely disillusioned with him – as they should be.
    Welcome back to Canada, by the way! What are you doing now?

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