Missing Mexico, part 2

Today, I have packed a good sum of my earthly possessions into my suitcase and backpack, which I hope they do not weigh, ever, and get ready to return home I find myself thinking more about the things that frustrate me about this country, than things I will miss. This morning, I waited approximately 45 minutes (actually not that bad, I got to sit in comfy chairs the whole time) to hand in a report no one will read, a constancia that spelled my name wrong but is valid because it had a letterhead on it, and a form saying I cancelled the bank account they opened for me. All this to get a single cheque that I could only cash in pesos. Because apparently HSBC doesn’t “work with dollars.” Oh wait. It’s HSBC. They seem to be an international bank. I think they only “work with dollars” for their clients, which I no longer was. I would have gladly cancelled it immediately afterwards. So I had to attempt to change my money in an exchange place, and the first place gave me a bad rate, and had hardly any Canadian money. Mexico.

Conversely, in Mexico City, I have a very rich and spontaneous social life with all kinds of people. Tonight, I plan to take some quinceañera style photos by the Ángel de la Independencia monument with a friend. This is something I would never do at home. I can also have a beer and a coffee at the same place. So, if I want coffee, and a friend wants a beer, it works out. Or, if I want a beer in a place that isn’t gross and dirty, I can go to a café. Canada, this is what is wrong with you. I can buy anything in extremely large or extremely small quantities. I can eat delicious, cheap, Mexican food in front of my house as well.

In the end, it all comes down to capitalism and consumerism. And food.


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