Desayunar como Dios manda

Breakfast as God commands. Although God never commanded anyone to eat breakfast that I am aware of, on Saturday I ate the best breakfast I had in a long time. It was actually brunch-time, not breakfast, and so I was eating what I consider the actual most important meal of the day. Unlike many other brunch places in Toronto, however, it was not overflowing with people. Instead, there were adults, there were adorable children, no one was trying to bring their pets into the restaurant, and everyone was happily eating delicious food. This is because the food was just that amazing. It was also not a pretentious establishment (a common problem in Toronto).

the cheese was not queso rayado pero ya ni modo

Delicious chilaquiles

Thanks to the recommendation of a friend, another friend and I went to the Tenoch Restaurant in Toronto. I arrived shortly after they opened, and it still smelt like strong cleaning products. My pile of chilaquiles was so high I’m sure two or more people could have eaten it, and my friend’s pambazo was equally large (and also delicious. Think of it as something like a Sloppy Joe. It is probably the root of Sloppy Joes now that I think about it). They had some coffee that looked like it was made in a percolator but tasted like café de olla (coffee boiled in a pan with cinnamon), and the aguas de horchata and tamarindo (something like liquid rice pudding and tamarind juice) also looked quite good, possibly even made from the “real thing.” When we left the restaurant I was confused that it was cold and I could breathe the air, that’s how much it felt like I was in Mexico City. I am definitely going back.


5 responses to “Desayunar como Dios manda

  1. Always looking for great places to eat in my favourite City!

  2. Heavenly! I could eat breakfast like that every single day…

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