Taco Tour, Part 2

In spite of my long lapse in blogging, I have pushed on with my taco tour. In addition to the Tenoch restaurant mentioned yesterday (where I must return to eat tacos, tortas and pozole), I have gone to the Torillería Market. This is a Toronto chain (of two stores, the third appears to be closed) that sells fresh tortillas daily, and in fact the source of the tortillas for the earlier taco post. I had been warned that they have not passed all their health inspections, but since they have not yet been shut down by the City, I decided to try anyway.

I went on a Saturday, when I was on my way to the Dufferin Mall No Frills or Wal-Mart or some other store full of people and inexpensive food (I try not to do groceries at Wal-Mart. It’s too weird. Same with Shopper’s Drug Mart). I realized I was very very hungry. So, naturally, I wanted street food. For 10 pesos. This being Toronto, I knew this was an unachievable dream. Not only is street food heavily regulated, which is probably better for people’s health, it is generally not that delicious and definitely costs more than 10 pesos (hurray for greater income equality?). Although there is a place to buy churros at the corner of Dufferin and Bloor, I knew that a shot of sugary dough would not be enough. Tortillas were what I really wanted. The tortilla store, where I intended to go anyway, proved a delicious choice.

nopales... you have grown on me

La tortillería market

The price was decent (about 10-12 dollars, about 5 times the price of Mexican street tacos), and the fillings were fairly good. Advantage: use of legit taco plates, a small place to sit down, really good salsa verde (green sauce from tomatillos and jalapeños). They also offer beverages: coke that looks like it comes from Mexico, an array of Mexican packaged desserts, and beer (in their Kensington location definitely, unsure about Dufferin location). Disadvantage: no bathroom, ambiance lacking. The ambiance is better in the Kensington location.


3 responses to “Taco Tour, Part 2

  1. Yum! Too bad they don’t sell those in Port Elgin!! I’m totally with you about buying food at Walmart being weird…

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