Taco Tour: El Paso Edition

I have pictures to accompany this post. That is a shame, because the tacos in El Paso were amazing, and good-looking. Yes. good-looking tacos (not the same as taco de ojo, “eye taco” which is what people in Mexico City might say when someone is appealing to their eyes).

1. El Tacotote. 2 visits. Delicious delicious tacos. Delicious. A chain from Ciudad Juarez serves tacos quickly for large groups. Since it’s lent, they have fish specials for those who are fasting from meat. This is handy if one is a pescatarian, but I’m not sure how much fasting is involved when one chooses to eat at this joint. Beware: there are no real plates or cutlery. Bonus (for some): norteño music.

2. Lucy’s tacos. 0 visits. Delicious delicious tacos, probably better than El Tacotote, but unfortunately very small, and I kept being with groups that were too big for this venue, as it is literally a counter. Lenten bonus from last year were the delicious desserts. The man at US customs in Toronto was from El Paso and recommended this place to me actually. So, it comes recommended by a government official. Who must be right.

3. Carnitas Querétaro. Also delicious. Their tortillas were better than El Tacotote, a bit more like Central American toritllas (thicker than tortillas in Mexico), so that got extra points from me. They also had lenten fish specials.

Ok, moral of the story: I really like tacos. Even when I claim to want to eat salad or soup, what I really want is tacos.



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