Plenty Update

Today I am posting about Torontian food, or at least food that I have cooked in Toronto. That mix of food is perfected in Plenty, Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbook.  I got this cookbook as a gift for Christmas in 2011, and after I realized that everything I made from it was delicious, I decided to make all of it. I finished this project the day after I handed in my thesis, and brought soufflé to a potluck.

blood oranges: a real fruit. who knew?

salad of chard, blood oranges, radicchio, ricotta and deliciousness

This was a worthwhile project for several reasons. The first, is that the food was delicious. The second, was that it exposed me to new kinds of food. The third, it gave me something quantifiable to do while working on my thesis. The fourth, it allowed me to make and share food with others. And finally, it let me eat delicious food all by myself.


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