Life Goal

My new life goal, since having completed the Plenty project, is to acquire the complete works of José Revueltas. This is a goal that will take me out of the kitchen and grocery stores of all kinds, and into the world of used bookstores, my absolute favourite kind of store. I have decided that this is an acceptable life goal because it does not only involve consumerism. It involves intellectually pretentious consumerism, and acquiring the complete works of the most troubling author I include in my thesis.

This writer’s complete works include his essays about communism in Mexico, his novels and short stories, and his thoughts from his times in prison. Every time I read Revueltas I go one step closer to communism, and one step further away from ever wanting to be friends with him (were such a thing possible) (he seems a little bit too committed to communism, the kind of person who would sacrifice everything for his ideals – admirable, but not entirely practical).

The reason why this is a life goal is because many of the works are out of print. Some have been reprinted in recent years, and I, in my foolishness, did not buy them when I had the chance. This is a common problem with Mexican books, in fact: they do not have very large printings and so can be impossible to find after a few years. It is also a life goal because it will involve perseverance, tenacity and spending copious amounts of time in used bookstores in Mexico City.


One response to “Life Goal

  1. Collecting books is one of those things that I never feel guilty about in the least. It’s especially guilt-free when they’re bought at a used bookstore, too! Revueltas sounds very interesting. Good luck with your goal.

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