Dejà vu

This week I had two moments of Dejà vu. On Tuesday afternoon I went to go get my grad photos taken (good thing they sent an email reminder), and as I was getting ready, putting on my button down white shirt, as specified, I reached for a pair of earrings and realized that they were the same earrings that I had worn for my last round of grad photos so I decided to switch it up. This first dejà vu led to the second. After the grad photos, I went to my office to proofread my powerpoint slides for the class I was going to teach, taught my class, and on my way home stopped by the library to pick up a book that had come in for me. (Spoiler alert: Beethoven was one sixteenth black is not as good as the cover). Then, I decided to go through the stacks and pick out a nice book to fall asleep to. Unfortunately, the fact that is is a very small library, close to the subway and close to school means that I have read most of the books that would be of interest to me. I saw a book with a nice white-ish cover, not to cheesy, not Harlequin yet not too taxing, and by an author I’d read books by before. Then it turns out that I’d already read it. Time to switch libraries.


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