Taco Tour: Part 3

I have had many ideas for posts lately, but in the interest of continuing or concluding the taco theme on my blog, I will stick with tacos. The other day I had a mad craving for tacos, and longed for a taquería on my corner. Or anything that would sell me food, to be honest. Anything but the places I normally go (grocery store I don’t like, large drugstore chain that aims to be on every corner, corner store that has organic produce). So I went to Dos Amigos. This restaurant seems a bit more upscale than Gran Tenoch, La Tortilleria or El Trompo. Incidentally, it was not any more expensive. In fact, I think it came out to less than El Trompo and the tacos were definitely better.

Here are the tacos al pastor:

Good tortilla base. Pork. Pineapple.

Tacos al pastor

These tacos were beautifully presented (not sure if this was a plus or a minus), and tasted good, likely because they were made using better meat than your average street taco. Also like Mexican tacos, they didn’t leave the best feeling in my stomach. This was a definite minus. So I will not be going back.


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