Taco Tour, Madison Edition

Today I had an unexpected stop on my taco tour: Healthy Mexican Food truck on the UW-Madison campus. I had attempted to execute a stop of this tour in Irvine, California, but it turns out that there is not much in the way of tacos there (or sidewalks, honestly). So, I had even less hope for Madison, the next stop on my cross-US-tour. In fact, I was prepared to go to Chicago well before my flight and go to the city and have some delicious tacos there. Even worse, the restaurant proclaimed itself to be healthy. Good Mexican food and healthy Mexican food, as one says in Spanish, no van de la mano, that is, they do not go together, generally speaking.

Nevertheless, I was assured by Madison residents that this was the food truck to go to for tacos. The options at this truck were limited, but this did not limit their deliciousness. I could order corn or wheat tortillas (the right answer was obviously corn. They also had burritos, where the right answer is wheat, but I prefer tacos to burritos. But I digress). I had one taco al pastor and one chicken taco, which came with a side of radishes and cucumbers (to make them healthy) and small helpings of rice and refried beans. Best of all, all of this food cost only seven dollars. Seven dollars. For all the delicious, delicious food served to me on the street.

Moral of the story/Message to the City of Toronto: get yourself together and allow people to serve good food on the street. I understand you are taking steps in this direction, but steps are not the same as a taquería on my corner or my university campus.


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