As many of you know, I am going on a taco tour of Toronto. I really enjoy tacos, a lot. But I think there is something to the idea that eating food from other cultures and countries without engaging with said cultures in a meaningful way is simply another manifestation of consumer culture. In other words, eating food from other countries doesn’t make you “cool” or “cross-cultural.” It just means that you, or I, or many people in a city like Toronto, have the means to eat food that they have not cooked, and that many other people in Toronto use their background (or country similar to theirs, that had better brand power) to make a living.

So, in an effort to combat this consumeristic view, I decided to begin cooking the food from my background. Ok who am I kidding, I have no desire to stop my taco tour. I just wanted to eat delicious food that no one will ever cook for me in a Toronto restaurant. Last week I made varenicke (perogies with dry cottage cheese on the inside, traditionally smothered in schmautfatt – I don’t know what that is, but it will clog up the arteries of non-farm workers – in this case a sour cream and butter spread) for the second time in my life. I used light (but not fat free) sour cream and it still turned out quite well, except that mine do not look like the recipe. And although I carry my phone with me everywhere I go, and have become one of those people, I have no photographic evidence to let you agree or disagree. This kind was surprisingly easy to make, no more difficult than baking powder biscuits, but there wasn’t actually all that much dough, so I would double it if I were you. I was also surprised that it made enough for a light-ish meal for 5 people (who also all brought things to the potluck). This is the opposite of most Mennonite cookbooks, where the recipes are enough to feed a large family gathering. My next foray? Moos (dried fruit soup) or rollkuchen (fried delicious dough) that must be served with watermelon. If it’s not raining tomorrow it might be a good day for a picnic.


One response to “Varenicke

  1. Shauna Friesen

    I think you are brave to make Pluma Moos. I have always thought it was revolting…. Yay for varenike and rollkuchen though! 🙂

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