Taco Tour: Penultimate Post

This taco thing is getting out of control. Suddenly everyone is recommending taco books to me, taco maps, taco advice, it’s all quite overwhelming. I will continue to dispense advice because there are few things I enjoy more than giving advice. I have decided to conclude the tour. But, this is the penultimate post as I have yet to find the perfect tacos, and go on a taco crawl. That will happen, Torontonians. Watch out.

I have been to two taco places recently, and decided not to go to a third which made it onto the top 10 best taco places in Toronto. These taco places are judged by someone who appreciates tacos, but does not appreciate taquerías. The first, La Carnita, on College, was fine, if I were judging a restaurant on its ability to be a hipster establishment that serves pretentious tacos, with a side of Mexican beer. The thing is, I have no need to travel so far to find a hipster establishment that serves pretentious food. For tacos, I want the real thing. None of this deep fried avocado over top of rice and beans business. No. Rice, beans, meat, salsa, and possibly avocado. That is how I want a taco. It was fun to make fun of the people sitting beside me who were sure this was an “authentic Mexican restaurant.” No. It was an authentic Toronto hipster restaurant, and it was good at being that.

The second taco place I went to was called Asada Mexican Grill on St Clair West. I would eat there every day if I lived in the neighbourhood (which I don’t), because the tacos arrived quickly, deliciously, cheaply, with all the homemade salsas a person could want. People who live by this restaurant: go there often. It is the Chipotle concept but more Mexican rather than Chipotle flavours. Downsides: no atmosphere and no coffee (gasp).

The third taco place I tried to go to was called Seven Lives. I say tried, because there was no room at the inn. They had such limited seating that I could not sit down, much less sit down with the friends that had come with me. Another hipster taco place that was voted number one by blog TO. But if I were going to go to a ridiculous restaurant in Kensington, I’d rather go to the place that only serves grilled cheese, the place that only does bagels, or El Trompo, for some tacos.

The taco crawl will attempt to encompass some of the best of these, some in a new area, and of my own free will I will return to Tenoch, and plan to try this really small Mexican restaurant no one’s ever heard of (except the person who recommended it to me) and I’m not even going to tell you about because I’m hipster like that.


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