Toronto Summer List

I have this bad habit called routine. I rarely, if ever, take advantage of what Toronto has to offer. I go to the same restaurants, bars and coffee shops that I always do. I go to the same parks near my house. I have never been to a Harbourfront festival, and the last parade I went to was Pride last year. It is my understanding that Toronto is a city that has more than this to offer. What would you recommend?


3 responses to “Toronto Summer List

  1. Hmm… there is tons to do in Toronto. Personally, i would recommend subway hopping (buy a day pass, find a friend, go from subways stop to subway stop)… also have you checked out all the Mennonite churches in Toronto?

  2. You’ve never been to a Harbourfront festival ?!?! They’re one of my favourite things about Toronto in the summer. The Island Soul festival in early August always has amazing Caribbean music, dance and food. Wish I could go with you this year!

  3. I can appreciate Toronto so much more now that I’m no longer living there. I think longingly of all the things I would do now if I were still there, such as checking out Kensington Market’s Pedestrian Sundays (once a month) with live Brazilian maracatú bands, the jazz festival in front of City Hall in July, biking around Toronto Island and the Don Valley, eating Soma chocolate in the Distillery District, visiting the Stop Community food centre.. ahh, the list goes on and on!

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