The Cost of Graduating

I have not been posting as much lately. That’s because I have been having some “life stress” with regards to defending my dissertation and graduating.

In a shameless rip-off of mastercard ads, I will share how much it cost me to graduate “on time,” otherwise known as, before my funding package ended (5 years of grad support), which is many years before the average completion time of a PhD (7 -9 years is the average across disciplines in Canada).

In my “above average” speed of completion, I incurred many costs. Innumerable hours spent watching TV came at a cost to a social life, travel to Mexico came at a cost to my social life, writing my dissertation came at a cost to my social life, etc. etc. etc. In addition to the costs to my social life with “I have to work on my thesis/go to a conference/go to Mexico,” there were real financial costs to graduating that no one ever told me about.

1. Library and archives of Canada fee. 28$

2. Gown rental: 46$

3. Thesis printing: somewhere around 60 or 70$.

This brings me to the optional costs:

1. Photos for friends and family. It seemed like the right thing to do. Cost: around 100$ for a small package of prints. I should have gotten these done at my grad, but no one tells you these things in advance.

2. Dinner after graduation and food and drink after defence: unsure of cost, thanks, parents.

3. Gown purchase. Anytime you put the word “PhD” in front of something it becomes more expensive.

Getting part of my tuition back because I graduated early? Priceless.



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