Taco Tour: Bluffton Edition

In the past few weeks I have been in a whirwind of getting ready to move: making a list of all my belongings so that when I move I only move my stuff, not anything that belongs to my roommates, and also so that I don’t leave anything behind (that was yesterday), acquiring odds and ends from craigslist and dollarama using zipcar and my bike (that was last week), and getting a visa and a place to live in my future home (that was a couple of weeks ago already).

With all this activity, my taco tour has suffered and I am afraid I must leave this project unfinished. Although… I just might go on a taco crawl in a few weeks to the final few places, it depends on how many tacos I can squeeze in between final visits to the island, high park and various museums.

That being said, the international arm of my taco tour has not suffered. In the midst of becoming a NAFTA professional, finding an apartment and visiting some family friends, my mom and I made a stop at the only taquería in Bluffton. Tu pueblo is not the best taquería I have ever been to, but it was also not trying to be a hipster taquería. My main complaint is that its tacos al pastor were just steak tacos with pastor sauce, and not pork tacos with pineapple. That being said, many many many taco places do not do tacos al pastor well. Even places in Mexico City. On the plus side, it has a huge picture of the Virgin of Guadalupe at the entrance, they have really good happy hour specials (I have not yet taken advantage of these specials since I was at an interview on my first visit, and tired after a long day of driving on the second), the tortillas are good, and the servers are very friendly. The bathrooms are also clean and most importantly not in some humid low-ceilinged god-forsaken basement (I’m looking at you, all of Toronto’s restaurants).

Next up: the search to find my spiritual homeland (the coffee shop with just the right level of pretentiousness) in Ohio.


One response to “Taco Tour: Bluffton Edition

  1. Hey Becky. My cousin Rachel Reesor worked at Blufton for many years. I’m sure you and your parents have already made lots of contacts, but let me know if it would be of any help to get in touch with her. I could send you her contact info 🙂

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