Taco Tour Round-up

I have now had the crowning moment of my taco tour experience. On Sunday a friend came to Toronto and suggested that we go to one of my favourite taco places. Since the favourite taco places are in no way close to where we were going, I suggested a new place, La Burrita. (Sidebar: Some might caution against this, but those might be the same people who think you shouldn’t cook new dishes for guests. I think that’s ridiculous. How else would you cook through an entire cookbook.) It was unbelievably amazing. Given the friend’s dietary needs, and my own need to eat corn tortillas when eating a taco, I wanted to make sure they used them. They looked at me as if I were offending them with the question, and I felt vastly relieved.

The atmosphere was fairly good also. It’s not a place to stay for long, but long enough to eat, chat, and move on. If you were so inclined, I’m sure take-out and eating in the park across the street would be a great option. We had carnitas tacos, which were absolutely amazing, tacos al pastor, which were less amazing, and I tried a lengua taco (beef tongue), also delicious. The salsas were quite good as well. I would go back there just to eat more carnitas tacos. They had a 2 for 5 dollars special, which is about half the regular price of tacos in Toronto, and the tacos not on this special were 2.90. They also took credit and debit cards. And it’s right outside of the subway. The only downside is that the bathroom was not that clean. But, I ask, how could it be the best Mexican taco place in Toronto if the bathroom weren’t in a basement  with a hidden light switch?

Overall, La Burrita wins for ease of access (ie not by street car), the salsas at Asadas were amazing, and La Carnita wins for hipster tacos. Which are not the same thing I am looking for in a taquería.


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