Monthly Archives: August 2013

Culture Shock

The strangest thing about a small town is that there are no crowds. Logically, I understood that there would be no crowds and hardly any noise in rural Ohio ( the town where I am living has a smaller population than one of the neighbourhoods I lived in in Toronto). There is also no Starbucks. Not that I went to there regularly –  I’m at least 25% hipster by Toronto standards – but just having chains around is somehow comforting. To be fair, there is a Taco Bell and assortment of other chains just off the highway – but again, I’m at least 25 % hipster, so I won’t be going there. I’ve also spent too much time in Mexico (and with food poisoning) to add Taco Bell to my taco tour. That portion of my blog will be on temporary hiatus. So, I have decided to return the blog to its original intent: cataloguing my experiences travelling to new places.

My new village seems nice so far. The other day I took a walk and found $ 10 on the sidewalk. Maybe I should’ve chased after the person who left it on the sidewalk, but there was no one around to chase. If money keeps falling from the sky this way, who knows where I could end up. The downside is  that everything is nice in this town. It’s very disconcerting. Perhaps because of my  love of cheap things, cash only stores, thrift stores, cycling and tacos, I was more familiar than some with Toronto’s less beautiful side. (Sidebar: Toronto is apparently one of the safest cities in North America). And that’s what made it beautiful to me.