Mmm…. More-with-Less

It has been a while since I last wrote on this blog. You may think that this is because I have such harsh things to say about my new hometown or country of residence that I cannot blog about them, but this is in fact not the case. I began work, thought about how I could blog when living in a village, and then had a small workplace accident. (I should say that I don’t work in a particularly dangerous workplace. My department is housed in a new building, I teach in said building, and everything meets building code requirements from about 10 years ago.) As I return to work and eventually, to cooking, I will blog about the trials and triumphs of cooking through Jerusalem (another cookbook by the man who brought me the desire to cook through Plenty, and inspired me to try cooking from Plenty in Mexico) and the second, More-with-Less with more spices and pictures.

While I was recovering at home, first my parents, and then a friend came and stayed with me, and we cooked many delicious things so that I wouldn’t have to cook once I went back to work. This desire to cook was thwarted by medication and the food brought to my apartment by kindhearted colleagues.  Once I was feeling better, we made some recipes from Jerusalem and a More-with-Less classic from my childhood, Pakistani Kima (recipe can be found here). It is a super easy recipe that I always forget about and then enjoy so much when I make it. The few accidental and intentional tweaks made it even more delicious.

So delicious.

Sad I don’t have a gas stove anymore. Happy I don’t have a gas oven.

As always, I used olive oil, selected peas and not green beans, and doubled the garlic. We had also bought Spice Island brand curry powder, which is even better than the curry powder I bought in bulk from a sketchy store in downtown Toronto. We made it even more delicious by using sweet potatoes, which I selected because the only loose potatoes at the grocery store did not look that good and I did not want 5 lb of potatoes, peasant genes notwithstanding. And then, because we had made something from Jerusalem, we served it with basmati rice. I now have 3 or four more tupperwares full of this in the freezer. Mmmm….


2 responses to “Mmm…. More-with-Less

  1. So good to hear from you again! Thankful for your continued recovery!

  2. I love that you introduced me to this dish. And that I discovered kima spice mix at a Pakistani grocery store. Just a *tad* spicier than the MWL version!

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