Bluffton Quirks

I had never lived in a small town until I moved to Bluffton two and a half months ago. There are so many things that surprise me about living here. This brief list addresses only those quirks obvious to the newcomer.

1. First and foremost, checks are acceptable everywhere.

2. Second, people are trusting and trustworthy. I could test drive my car without presenting any kind of documentation.

3. Third, this town is not that large. It is officially a village. I run into people I know everywhere. And I don’t even know that many people.

4. On a similar note, Hicksville, Ohio is not where I live. It’s a real town elsewhere in Ohio.

5. All the signs I saw when I got here about protecting religious freedom have to do with people not wanting the ACA to allow insurance companies to provide for birth control. There is someone else in town whose house has a sign that says the second amendment makes the others possible. I wanted to make a sign that said “protecting my religious freedom” but to advocate for gun control.

6. In the morning sometimes there’s fog that lifts off the fields of corn that I can see if I go jogging. It’s one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life.


3 responses to “Bluffton Quirks

  1. That mist over the fields in the morning…that’s one of the things I remember best from a brief visit in Ohio 10 or 15 years ago. Wonderful.

  2. I love that Hicksville, Ohio, is a real place.

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