Taco Tour: Ottawa, Ohio II

I showed my students this picture this week to encourage them to complete the cross-cultural section of the language course, and I think it might have worked. On the other hand, I could have just made about 25 people very, very hungry and very, very annoyed at the food they eat in the cafeteria. Either way, they were engaged in learning, right?


Peor es nada

Peor es nada

Last week I returned to Ottawa, Ohio, for a more successful trip to Lucero’s Mexican restaurant and store. Not 100% successful, because, well, let’s be honest, I was only transported to Mexico for about 5 minutes, not for the entire time I was eating. I also ordered agua de tamarindo (advertised on bristol board in the handwriting style more common in Mexico than in the US, so I figured it was legit). It was delicious. My friend tried to order tacos al pastor, but they weren’t ready yet. This leads me to believe that they would have really good tacos al pastor, if they marinated them all day. Overall: I rate it highly, because I was transported to Mexico for 5 minutes, but not as high as that delicious place in Toronto. I did not check out their bathrooms, either, so cannot rate those. It was inexpensive, as most restaurants are in the US, and let me feel amazing when I left a 25-30% tip. (Sidebar: I would rather leave normal tips, and have workers be appropriately compensated for hard work, but we do not live in that world.)

Moral of the story: I will return to Ottawa, Ohio. For tacos al pastor. 



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