Hello 2014

Yesterday morning I left a sleeping city to greet 2014 for the first time. “Hello 2014,” I said, “I think I’m going to like you.” (Fear not, friends. I have not decided to become an optimist, or anything so illogical).

Then I drove home. As I meandered around Detroit in a snowstorm, the city designed to facilitate commuting to the suburbs, I thought, this world needs the light to come into the darkness. Not only do my fellow drivers need to turn on their headlights, but this country of such abundance of wealth and ideas needs to turn a corner so that all of its people (drivers from the state to my north aside) might see even the smallest bit of these riches. Let 2014 be that year.



One response to “Hello 2014

  1. Happy New Year Rebecca.Did you maybe mean that you wished for this country of abundance , to” turn a corner” to the left so that ALL its people might share even some of its riches.? Just a thought.I get razzed,especially by some of the true blue Conservatives,our relatives? yes ! about my love for the color Orange. It’s alright.The Truth is often misunderstood,wouldn’t you agree ? Have a good beginning of your next semester.

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