Sleepy Sunday Salad

In Ohio as soon as it snows its an emergency. The county I live in, and surrounding counties, have emergency levels 1, 2 and 3. Investing in snow tires, salt and sand for the roads would  likely be cheaper than the total cost of productivity lost due to these so-called emergencies. This rhetoric of emergency also compounds the effects of the existing climate of fear and terror.

This terror-imbued level of emergency was so high that many churches in Bluffton were cancelled. I have a suspicion that the Presbyterian church (closer to my house than the Mennonite church) was not cancelled, since I saw a lot of cars near it. This could prove that Presbyterians are more hearty than Mennonites, that a bunch of people  park their cars behind the Presbyterian church overnight or that  Mennonites are smarter because they don’t want people driving on country roads or going out and about while the snow is blowing.

In any case, I decided to try making my first smitten kitchen recipe. Warm Lentil and Potato Salad. It was absolutely amazing.

Smitten kitchen recipes

Lentils, potatoes and dill

The last time I seriously examined Smitten Kitchen was about halfway through the Plenty project, so it looked too intimidating. This recipe was made almost entirely with items I had on hand  (because now I keep ingredients like capers about) and some replacements – no scallions or thyme – but overall, it turned out well. Reconnecting with my potato-and-dill-loving peasant roots while listening to NPR is the perfect antidote to blowing snow and other winter emergencies.


One response to “Sleepy Sunday Salad

  1. Looks delightful! I love Smitten Kitchen. So very much. Deb Perelman’s spicy brownies are quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever made, and I’ve (successfully) wooed more than one prospective suitor with recipes from that site. Sounds like you’ve found a great antidote to late January in Ohio (or anywhere in the Polar Vortex, for that matter)!

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