Taco tour: Meta edition

I have now received a certain measure of fame because of my interest in tacos. I wonder, if I had devoted the time and energy to writing about tacos to writing about mid-twentieth century Mexican literature, would I be as well known for that? Or is the escape to the taco tour an essential part of writing about Mexican literature for this guera? I also wonder if my subsequent research project should be about tacos rather than about Mennonites represented in Mexican literature and culture, or how I could bring tacos into that project. Queso menonita [Mennonite cheese, like a mild cheddar or mozzarella] would be a good point of contact.

These thoughts about writing and tacos and Mennonites bring me to something I have just begun to realize. I instinctively want to give every presentation and write every essay in the style of a Mennonite sermon (the right kind of Mennonite sermon, naturally). It begins with an anecdote, talks about other people’s opinions, and then gets into a close reading of the text. And always room for laughter. (I am the right kind of Mennonite, naturally).

Part of me wishes I had more beliefs than doubts, because then I could employ this format when speaking in a church context. The other part of me is more annoyed than wistful, because only in an alternative reality would the church be a place that would invite regular honest discussions about doubts from the pulpit, and only in an alternative reality would it regularly seek the contributions of women in areas that do not involve looking after children or preparing and serving large quantities of food. I think a sermon about tacos would bridge the gap.



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