How to Make a Taco Tour T-Shirt

1. The Dean visits your class and you end with “let’s make t-shirts for our trip to Chicago.” All students seem on board, and not just because they are on their best behaviour. Take this as “all signs point to yes.”

2. Do research. Learn that t-shirts ordered online cost too much for a small group.

3. Consider making one’s own.

4. Pray that Meijer will have T-shirt transfer paper in its craft supply department. It doesn’t.

5. Realize this will involve shopping at Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mart.

6. Unsure which is worse, pick Hobby Lobby.

7. Make design. Make sure your students know that the lettuce-like object in the taco is actually cilantro. Because even though cilantro is the devil’s food, it belongs on tacos in a way lettuce does not.

8. Realize need inkjet printer, which you do not have.

9. Go to your colleague’s house and print them.

10. Iron them on during class while talking about trip to Chicago.

11. One of your students’ transfer papers doesn’t stick. Watch her scrape it off like she’s trying to win a lottery ticket. Feel bad.

12. Other students seem really excited, and want to add other images for future trips and activities.

13. Success! Image




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