Taco Tour: Chicago March Edition

This past weekend I went to Chicago with a colleague and some students, hosted by the Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture. We did many things, some of which I enjoyed, and some of which the students enjoyed, and some of which my colleague enjoyed, so I think overall it was a good weekend. I tried Puerto Rican food, which was a lot like Nicaraguan food with its emphasis on plantains, rice and beans. We also ate so much delicious Mexican food in Little Village and Pilsen. Little Village is a fairly ungentrified primarily Mexican-American neighbourhood. Pilsen is a bit too hipster for my liking. And I like all the hipster things – skinny jeans, macs, the glasses. Except I don’t like people who are entitled and unaware of their privilege.  On the afternoon slated for the taco tour, the students all looked so tired that we did not all go on the taco tour.

My colleague, a student, and a friend from Bluffton all went to a few taquerías. Well worth it. Some of them are repeats from the January edition. We began at Carnitas don Pedro (sooooooo delicious. everyone go there on Saturday rather than Sunday), continued along 18th street to Birrería Reyes de Ocotlán (where I had my conversion moment to tacos, well before I had ever been to Mexico). The only strange thing was that they gave us lemons instead of limes. I thought it was because they saw a group of people who were muy gueros (white), but then I learned that there is some kind of lime shortage to accompany the avocado shortage.

the scales fell from my eyes

Reyes de Ocotlán

We also stopped off at a santería shop (because you never know when you will need another candle to pray to the Virgen de Guadalupe, San Judas, or extra-official saints) and finished with pupusas, because the student wanted to try them. Then friend and I continued on for some quesadillas sincronizadas. This was after a lunch of chilaquiles, aka tacos with a fork, and tacos the day before in Avondale at el Cid. Overall: I think it is possible more delicious tacos could have been found in Little Village, or in Avondale, but this was fairly amazing. I would repeat. ¿Quién se anima para LASA?


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