Taco Tour: Newport Beach

This post should really not be part of the taco tour. Rick Bayless’ “O” is so far from any normal taquería in appearance – one could go so far as to say overwhelming aesthetically – that is should really be called “Mexican Restaurant in the Plastic Surgery Capital of the World.” This was not the place for taco tour t-shirts, unfortunately. The food was quite delicious. I technically ordered tacos, but there was so much meat on my plate I couldn’t even make more than one. I just had to focus on the good stuff. And accept the food of others, that, to be honest, was amazing (Thanks friends who work for other universities). I have no idea what I was eating. It was just good. Apparently it compares to Topolobampo in Chicago.
Still, this was not even the highlight of the conference. That was eating Persian food at one of the organizers’ houses, and giving a well-received paper alongside colleagues whose work I admire. I even alluded to my taco tour as I responded to questions from the public. (I might have made some double-entendres as I responded to the most famous critic of women’s writing in Mexico, but since I live in Ohio, someone had to point out this albur to me). I’m looking forward to the taco tour in Chicago this week.


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