Never Get a Concussion

The best way I can describe post-concussive syndrome, or lingering effects of a mild traumatic brain injury, 11 months later, is like a humid summer day in Ohio. The PCS is when you step outside into a wall of humidity and the rest of life is like an air conditioner. Except that this air conditioner could break at any time. Like when a restaurant is really crowded and people are having conversations three feet away. Or when a TV competes with human voices. Or when more than five hours have been spent in front a computer screen. Or more than four hours spent writing. In other words, never get a concussion.

The moral of this story is: if you get a concussion, do your utmost to ensure that there is a psychologist who is a friend of the family who can explain a concussion to you, and proven remedies or therapies for it, in one hour. [SAD lamp, fish oil, mild physical activity] And have that be a much more useful hour than the 45 minutes spent waiting during your final follow-up with the doctor of record, 45 minutes that completely convinced you that extremely expensive private insurance is no more efficient than the health care government insurance pays for. The bonus is that government-funded single payer healthcare makes no one bankrupt.


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