Taco Tour: NW Ohio

I am somewhat to very behind on my taco tour updates. I continue to taco tour, because it is one of my favourite hobbies – but I have not been writing about it much. I have been to a few new places since the LASA taco tour, and the best have been in Toledo, Findlay, and Detroit.

Today I dedicate my post to the two in Ohio. One Sunday, some weeks ago, I decided to go on a drive. That was how I knew I had assimilated to the USA. I had also heard that there are some nice restaurants on the water in Toledo, and I knew that Toledo had a few Middle Eastern grocery stores. The whole experience was a bit odd. First, Toledo is not the nicest city. It’s the rust belt is at its finest. When I arrived at this restaurant, in what I would call an ideal location, there was hardly anyone there! It was the perfect after-church time to go for lunch, too. (Obviously tomato soup and grilled cheese or Swiss Chalet is the perfect after church lunch, but when I skipped church to go driving, and live in a country without Swiss chalet…I have to make do) After I ate lunch, I went for a short walk along the river and I noticed lots of people who were fishing, chatting and eating McDonald’s. Probably because the restaurants were too expensive. The food was fairly good. I got chilaquiles, because it was Sunday, and because not everywhere has them, so I had to seize the day. Toledo is not too far away from where I live now, but I might not go back there – the shawarma and baklava at the grocery store looked amazing…

No salsa verde

Chilaquiles in Toledo

Some two days after my experience in Toledo I went to a new-ish restaurant in Findlay, Ohio, called Stix. Findlay is one of the towns near where I live that has a decent grocery store. Meijer. Best thing about the Midwest. Aldi. Best German thing exported to this country. But I digress. I was doing groceries on a Tuesday, and remembered that according to a friend in town, Stix has taco Tuesdays. Tacos for 2 dollars. I was sold. These were definitely Asian-fusion tacos, and they were delicious. Since they were hipster tacos, there was not that much meat on them, but there was a lot of interesting flavour. And now that I live far away from all of the hipsters, their fare is much more interesting than it used to be. I will go again.

Tasty and odd

Hipster tacos with non-Mexican limes


2 responses to “Taco Tour: NW Ohio

  1. It still delights me to no end that you understand the joyous creation that is Meijer. Tour on!

  2. A lovely post



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