Ode to the Gringo Taco

I have taken a small hiatus from the taco tour, primarily because I live in rural Ohio, and I already know where to get the best tacos. I like Lucero’s in Ottawa so much I forced a class to go with me. It was excellent. Since tacos still deserve to be eaten, and since I still deserve to eat tacos, I have taken to making them. Although I am guera, and not gringa, as these tacos were made in the part of the US that people jokingly call ‘Murica, they are gringo tacos. For my birthday I made tacos al pastor, which I have no pictures of, but which I can guarantee are epically delicious, and last week I made gringo tacos. They were truly delicious. Ground beef, vegetables, grocery store brand salsa, no cilantro, because no one should ever eat it except in green salsa, and iceberg lettuce. The corn tortillas from a restaurant and grocery store in Toledo made all the difference.


A few weeks before that, I had made carnitas following a recipe at the end of Simply in Season. In a truly Mennonite move, I had purchased too much pork tenderloin for my birthday tacos, so I had an entire pork loin in my freezer that I “had” to do something with. So, I cooked half of the pork into carnitas in a slow cooker recently purchased from a thrift store, and the other half into a stew that is happily resting in my freezer until the next time I don’t feel like cooking. I also put the carnitas in the freezer in a ziploc bag (reused) and then took them out on Monday and made a sauce, based on chiles from the same Mexican store in Toledo. Absolutely delicious.



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