Detroit Tacos

Today I took a small class of students to the Detroit Art Institute to see Diego Rivera’s murals about the auto industry and to eat tacos. I could have easily spent hours just looking at the murals in the Rivera court; instead, I talked to some of the docents and learned that there is going to be a special Frida and Diego exhibit coming to Detroit in the spring. Lesson I have learned from the Midwest: talking to people is always the right choice.

After we left the museum, we went to a restaurant recommended by one of my students. It was quite full, so I asked him to take us somewhere else. He said that the route to get there was not that nice looking, but that the restaurant was clean and nice. So we drove past many dilapidated buildings and I pondered how the world came together to save a museum but could not come together to provide a city with free drinking water (especially when corporations have, apparently, gotten water in Detroit for free). Needless to say, it was amazing. Among the best tacos I have eaten in my life, nestled between a taco truck, a laundromat, a Catholic Church and other community centres. The tacos were better than Chicago. Better than Mexicantown, Detroit. Better than El Paso. I have not yet been on a friend’s “Deep chilango” (“Real Mexico City”) taco tour, so I am leaving the possibility that there are better tacos in Mexico City. But taquería el jalicense is the way to go. Some of my students ordered quesadillas, others ordered tortas (sandwiches).

Tacos. Because posting pictures of students without their permission is wrong.

Tacos. Because posting pictures of students without their permission is wrong.

Imagine what could happen if we listened to our students more often.


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